Chinese circle Fingerprint Cards - sources

Another day, another attempt by a Chinese company to buy a western business. This time the potential target is Fingerprint Cards, the Swedish biometric technology business.

According to three sources familiar with the situation, a Chinese company approached Fingerprint Cards this summer about a potential takeover deal that is likely to value the Gothenburg-based business at well over its current market capitalisation of SEK 33 billion (£3 billion)...


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Date: Wednesday, 21 September 2016, 5:11 pm

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  • November6 years ago

    Hi Ben,

    Could you contact me through mail? I have some information I'd like to share.

    Best regards

  • Skeptic6 years ago

    Beijing watertek has a $3bn USD market cap, FINGB $ seems like just another bogus rumor. Didn't you learn anything from Wirecard / BABA?

  • Andrew6 years ago

    Hard to Believe a poor free Lance journalist has very good sources, but who knows. I am not getting excited about it anyway as a big Fingerprint Card stockholder. Would be extremely surprised if there is Any substance to it.

  • Bobby Ashkenazi6 years ago

    Hi Ben,

    I work at an investment management firm. I wanted to get your thoughts as to the strategic rationale of such an acquisition and understand a little better how confident you were in your sources. Your track record speaks for itself, but I was curious where you would rank this relative to other stories you have broken.

    Please let me know if you have 10-15 minutes to chat tomorrow.


  • Skeptic6 years ago

    considering the market cap of FINGB is above that of Beijing Watertek ($3.8bn USD vs. $3bn) this speculation doesn't make much sense...sort of like your speculation about Wirecard and Alibaba which BABA denied as bogus. Get new "sources" Ben.

  • Torleif Mikkelsen6 years ago


    Is this planted or is your sources reliable? We have connections to the largest shareholders that have not heard talk or speculation on this subject.

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