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RARE ALERT: SSE said to ... - Part 4

Wednesday, 15 September 2021, 10:04 am

I see former colleagues from The Daily Telegraph who now work at The Times were gracious enough to give little old Betaville some credit for the scoop about Elliott's stakebuilding activities in SSE, the FTSE 100-listed power and energy giant.

In fact, The Times splashed the whole of the business section on the story. Below is a link to the piece in the The Times...


Ackman in the running for FTSE 100 promotion, again - Part 3

Tuesday, 24 November 2020, 1:02 pm

Here we go again: Bill "baby-face" Ackman's Pershing Square Holdings is being tipped by brokers as the likely candidate to be promoted to the blue-chip index at the reshuffle next week.

Remember, though, we have been here before. Last quarter dealers predicted Pershing Square Holdings was heading into the FTSE 100 only to miss out at the last minute thanks to some weird re-calculating by FTSE Russell...


Is the tide turning for Odey the Brexiteer? - part 36

Monday, 9 March 2020, 8:55 am

Perhaps charming Crispin will be proved right after all?

Two weeks ago I interviewed the the veteran hedge fund manager and asked him whether he thought the FTSE 100 index could end up at 5000 by the end of the year.

Odey - whose predictions of a stockmarket crash over the last four years have so far been proved to be spectacularly wrong - said that the FTSE 100 at 5000 was "highly probable". Below is a link to the interview in the Mail on Sunday:..


Betaville Intelligence

UNCOOKED ALERT: NMC Health said to ... - Part 6

Saturday, 29 February 2020, 9:33 am

It's been a torrid week for global stock markets but have a guess at which company was the best performing stock in the FTSE 100?

Yes, it was the gulf-based hospital operator Muddy Waters loves to hate: NMC Health.

According to Bloomberg data, NMC Health's shares were up 9.73pc on the week, making it the best performing stock in the blue chip index. HSBC was the second best performer, losing 4pc on the week...


Muddy Waters mauls bid target NMC Health - Part 4

Monday, 23 December 2019, 12:52 pm

The vicious spat between notorious short seller Muddy Waters and FTSE 100-listed healthcare group NMC Health continues unabated.

This morning Carson Block's outfit pinged financial hacks with a fresh note. It starts off by saying:

"Muddy Waters Capital LLC believes that NMC Health’s response to our December 17, 2019 report was misleading, and outright false in certain portions. MW expects to comment more comprehensively on NMC going forward..."..


Muddy Waters mauls bid target NMC Health - Part 2

Friday, 20 December 2019, 6:51 pm

Tucked away in the Evening Standard's City section is a suggestion that Carson Block's next target in 2020 might be FTSE 100-listed Rolls Royce.

Now, to be clear I have no clue who Muddy Waters plans to target next but the short seller does appear to be having a bit of field day with UK-listed stocks, such as NMC Health and Burford Capital...